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Cooking With Hemp Flower

Why You Should Cook With Hemp Flower

Hemp flower is one of the purest sources of CBD.

CBD has numerous medical benefits- ranging from chronic pain relief to reducing inflammation. Hemp flowers, especially in a dried form, provide many different cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Therefore, hemp is essentially a full package that interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to provide widespread benefits.

Because hemp flowers are most useful in a dried and raw form, they serve as the perfect cooking ingredient when making edibles. In fact, hemp can be used in many different recipes to provide a quality source of CBD. You can extract the flowers as CBD oil and use the oil to sauté your vegetables, or you can dissolve the dried and ground flowers with water to make CBD butter. There are many different techniques that can provide edibles with varying CBD content.

Hemp Flower Cooking Techniques

Because legislation surrounding cannabis has eased up over the years, many people are looking for better ways of consuming hemp flower. The goal is to ingest as much CBD as possible, without having much of it broken down before it reaches your endocannabinoid system. When it comes to cooking with hemp, you have many options on the table. Here are the top 2 techniques that will enable you to create tasty hemp recipes.

Technique 1: Extracting CBD Oil

The CBD in hemp flowers is best consumed as an oil or butter. The most effective cooking step is to extract the flowers into oil, after which you can add it as an ingredient to your recipes. CBD oil can be extracted in 3 main ways:
Via CO2 extraction
Using a solvent
Using olive oil.

The olive oil method is the easiest of the 3 ways, and it provides the highest concentration of CBD. On the other hand, CO2 extraction retains the most amount of THC from the original hemp flower. This technique may be a good option for those who wish to enjoy some of the potent effects of THC.

Technique 2: Decarboxylation

Another technique you can use when cooking with hemp is the decarboxylation method. Decarboxylation refers to turning CBD (or THC) into its active form. When you have raw or dried hemp flowers, any present CBD will most likely exist in the form of CBDA (which is basically CBD with a carboxyl group present).

You can turn CBDA into its active form by heating it to sufficiently hot temperatures. A good technique is to grind up raw flowers and place them in an oven to bake (set the temperature between 110-120 degrees).

When grinding your flowers, aim for small pieces (granules) instead of a fine powder. A powder may cause the “weed” taste to overshadow other flavors in your dish.

Hemp Flower Cooking Ideas

Whether you’re using CBD oil or grounded and heated flowers, there are interesting recipes you can experiment with to cook some tasty edibles. From adding oil into smoothies to sprinkling ground leaves into salad dressings, the options available are extensive. Here are some creative ideas to consider.


Using CBD butter in brownies and popcorn

You can use your extracted CBD butter as a topping for popcorn, or as an ingredient for your brownies (when baking).

Using CBD oil in vegetables

Replace your usual cooking oil with CBD oil when sautéing vegetables before a meal.

Sprinkling ground flowers in soup

Heated and ground flowers come in handy as a topping for your soup. Sprinkle the granules evenly inside the soup before consuming.

Ground flowers in smoothies

You can also sprinkle ground flowers in a smoothie before drinking it.

CBD oil in pasta and sauces

CBD oil comes in handy when cooking pasta, especially when used as an additive to sauces.

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Skye Maddox 
Co-founder of HempChimp. Hemp flower enthusiast. Born & Raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.